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Want to advertise to the discerning consumers who use TheANALYST website?

An increasing number of quoted companies, financial product providers, operators, support service providers and manufacturers of premium consumer products are advertising on TheANALYST / Proshare website and its resource network of portals.

Find out what they have discovered that sets Proshare apart and how it can work for you. An increasing number of public quoted firms, financial services providers and other stakeholders advertising on Proshare have since discovered that the Proshare website works for them because of the following:

  • Proshare is the No.#1 financial information site in Nigeria offering a niche service targeted at a local and Diaspora community of investors; (Source: Alexa Ranking)
  • Proshare has an extensive network of partners who are market leaders and provide high quality content exclusively shared on the site;
  • Proshare has a database that provides direct access to affluent investors and consumers who makes use of the information provided as a basis for personal validation of investment decisions;
  • Proshare deploys an AD-Space rental model for brand, product and service campaigns that saves cost, increases visibility and provides a value-for-money outlay;
  • Proshare delivers a post-advertising service through its AD Manager suite that allows companies to self validate their web-stats and campaign reviews; and
  • Proshare carefully reviews advertisers on its website and deploys a corporate governance code that provides credibility to advertisers therefore;
We get it….

When it comes to advertising your business, products & services, TheANALYST is one partner who understands not only the big picture, but more importantly how best to focus on your communication needs. We help you make the most of your budget by leveraging technology enabled solutions to maximize the brand and service awareness you seek, generating the desired leads necessary to sustain your interest.

Beyond Advertising

We like for you to consider us as an extension of your business communication; as we allow you get on with your day’s job, while we work hard to deliver your advert mileage objectives.

Target Your Audience

Depending on your brand and trade marketing objectives, we calibrate our deployment platforms to ensure users and target publics see your adverts. This is more so for partner contracts with the full complement of services available to them.

Engage with your Audience

Our platform allows you the ability to target online users based on their online activities, the content of the pages they visit and information they submit online. In addition, we offer an enquiry response service that acts like a lead generator or intermediation agent.

Space Rental Advertising Service

Our Advertising solutions for partners allows you to operate the advert space like a ‘property rental’ – offering you the opportunity to run multiple campaigns configured as one single transaction over a pre-determined period.

Advertising Post Intervention Reports

We provide a complete campaign setup that delivers an initial advert design/concept advisory, an optimized AD placement all through to a periodic PIR - Post Intervention Report at no extra cost to clients.


What determines your cost? You can spend at a level dependent on your budget and the length of your campaign. Our advert manager is happy to work with you to STRETCH the mileage your budget can deliver.

Some Important Information for Advertisers

For business and advertising enquiries please contact

All advertorial and rates are in Naira and placements up to a year and advert immediately qualify for our Advert Partner Service if for more than a year;

Full Payment on the 'Advert Partner Services' allows advertisers access to the full service bouquet and a dedicated page sponsorship at no extra cost;

Sponsors have exclusive advertising rights on a dedicated service/page as well as entitlement to the 'COMBO' service across all platforms and portals;

The AD-Space Rent proposition is applicable for Advert Partners - deployment of campaigns/promos and special programs during the advert tenure at no extra cost;

Periodic Post Intervention Report(s) using our tested reporting model;Advertising Codes & Guidelines Policy See the section for ‘advertising’ under POLIC

Deployment of communications through our multi-platform service relationship with our partner network (Only for Full Year Commitments);

WebTV Advertisers will enjoy off-line events coverage with complimentary video Advert/infomercials (as submitted by the advertiser) during the tenure; and

Feedback on investors and customers enquiries and comments as aggregated.Click Here to Request for a quote

Advert, Sponsorship and Campaign Team

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