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Subscription Based Questions
  1. I have been using TheAnalyst website for a while now, but today I canít view most pages again? Can you help rectify that?
  2. How can I subscribe to TheAnalyst Platform?
  3. What do I do next after paying directly to your account?
  4. How do I log in after paying?
  5. Are there additional features that come with this payment?
  6. Do I still have to pay for your equity reports after this subscription?
  7. Can I get a refund of my money if Iím no longer interested?
  8. How long does my subscription remain valid?
  9. Can I deactivate my account and re activate again after few months?
  10. Can I make use of my Subscription details on the Proshare website as well?
  11. Can I give my bank a standing order to pay TheAnalyst after expiration?
  12. What do I do if I forget my password?
  13. I am making this Subscription on behalf of my company. Can my employees have access to TheAnalyst platform with the same Username & Password?
  14. How can I contact you?
  15. Would I get a Renewal Update, and when Iím I suppose to renew?
  16. Can I recommend a Friend?
  17. How can I confirm my Account Status?
Subscription Based Questions
  1. How can a new visitor to The Analyst site access Daily Price List?
  2. How can I also get Price List by sectors?
  3. I want to know the company float of ZENTHBANK, where can such information be found?
  4. Does The Analyst have data section on global stock markets? If yes, how can I locate such information?
  5. The performance of gold and other commodities in 2013 was not impressive. I want to know their current performance. How can I get daily performance information on commodities?
  6. The Securities & Exchange Commission of Nigeria has approved funds and of various types. How can I get such funds and their types on The Analyst?
  7. Primary market activities in the Nigerian market seem to be gradually picking up. Where can I access such information?
  8. I need investor relation presentations and annual reports on some quoted companies. How can I navigate The Analyst site to get them?
  9. I will like to invest in some stocks in the healthcare sector. I need peer comparison analysis on the healthcare stocks. Kindly guide me.
  10. I am a stakeholder in the Nigerian Capital Market and I will like to get updated on latest events in the market. Kindly direct me on how to get such information.
  11. I am an investor in the Nigerian Capital Market and I am looking at some stocks which I have plans to invest in. How can I get information on their Market CAP contribution?
  12. To access Market CAP by sectors, visit the Investment Tools landing page and look out for Peer comparison. Then click on Market CAP to view the required information.
  13. I want to find out the set of stocks that are off 52-week high and near 52-week low on the Nigerian bourse. I need this to aid my investment decision. Kindly help. Thanks
  14. Does TheAnalyst have section for Live NSE Data?
  15. On visiting TheAnalyst page, I discovered that the site is more of an equity thing than money market. Do you have a section that displays information on bond market?
  16. Good day, I want to know if there is a segment on The Analyst where I can get data on today market activities.
  17. Dear TheAnalyst, I am interested in searching for a brokerage firm that I can relate with via the online process.
  18. Hello, I will like you to forward your stock recommendations to me.
  19. I will like to know what technical charts and analysis is saying about some stocks. Is such tool available on The Analyst?
  20. I have some issues with some investment I made in 2008. I am yet to get any update on those investments. How can you help resolve those problems?
  21. Hello, I will like to have valuation data like EPS and ROE on some stocks I am currently looking at to invest in. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

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